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Please send us a a review of your stove or boiler, you can . We are interested in all makes and models, even those no longer in production. We hope to create a great resource for everyone to share. In return for your review we'll give you a discount on your pellets or briquettes. More information...

Review your stove

Please with the make and model of your stove and then add as many details as you know or as many as you feel like adding. If there is something you wish you had known then please pass the information on to other people.

It would be good if you could email us a photo or two to illustrate your stove.

Here are some suggestions to help you write your review

Information on General Use.

  • How much of the house are you heating with it?
  • How easy is it to light/ keep in overnight/ does the airwash work if any?
  • How easy is it to control the heat output, do the handles work / get too hot?
  • How easy is it to empty and how often does it need emptying?
  • Have you had it serviced and how did that go?
  • Does it offer value for money and would you buy it again?
  • Other comments

The technical details:

  • Age
  • Fuel Type and log size if appropriate
  • Backboiler?
  • Airwash?
  • Flue diameter if known
  • Flue exit position - top or rear
  • Appearance - colour, height, width and depth if known
  • Build quality and quality of finish.


We do not publish your name and we are happy not to publish any location details or initials if you prefer us not to.

I like the fact that you deliver on the day you say and that I receive a phone call in the morning confirming when you will arrive. For a pensioner having the pellets placed into my store is a big factor . Also being able to pay by BACS is an advantage as it saves writing out a cheque and trailing to the post box. Finally your competitive price obviously rates very highly in my decision.

JS, Barcaldine

delivery information

We will quote you for delivery of materials you buy from us because each order is considerably different.

We will deliver to Lochgilphead, Campbeltown, Inveraray, Strachur, Dalmally, Tyndrum, Taynuilt, Connel, Benderloch, Appin, Duror and in Oban. We will also deliver to all the island carriers. Please tell us if you would like your order delivered and whether you need it unloaded by hand into storage. If you can tell us how accessible your storage is then we will be able to deliver with the right vehicle and people. If you would prefer to do this by telephone please ring 01631 563271 during business hours.

You are more than welcome to visit our yard to pick up your order, free of charge.

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