Multi-fuel Stoves

Woodwarm Fireview 9kw

The Woodwarm Fireview Multi Fuel 9kw stove allows an array of fuels to be burned from Brown Coal (Lignite) through Homefire ovals, Ancit (and other coal derivatives) to Wood, all without the need to alter the construction of the stove. Our stove has a back boiler and 30,000 Btu Split Saddle Boiler 1 inch bsp thread 2 inlets 2 outlets.

This stove has a fully riddling grate system and ashpan collection. Riddling can be performed from outside the stove keeping the door shut and the mess inside.

We heat our entire house and get all our hot water from this stove, with a back boiler burning primarily wood but using some Verdo wood briquettes to give a little bit more heat when we need it.

We use no oil or gas central heating and the house heated with the Fireview is as warm as we like. With a proper wood store and a good supply of wood or briquettes you don't need to worry about the power going off and the house being cold.

LF, Seil

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We order a ton of briquettes once each winter which helps to supplement our wood burning boiler. It is a really useful fuel for slow burning and maintaining a constant high heat over a long period of time. The briquettes are clean, very dry and consistent. The supply and delivery service from Argyll Woodfuels is excellent and very convenient from initial email requesting a price to delivery right to our shed.

EW, Argyll

delivery information

We will quote you for delivery of materials you buy from us because each order is considerably different.

We will deliver to Lochgilphead, Campbeltown, Inveraray, Strachur, Dalmally, Tyndrum, Taynuilt, Connel, Benderloch, Appin, Duror and in Oban. We will also deliver to all the island carriers. Please tell us if you would like your order delivered and whether you need it unloaded by hand into storage. If you can tell us how accessible your storage is then we will be able to deliver with the right vehicle and people. If you would prefer to do this by telephone please ring 01631 563271 during business hours.

You are more than welcome to visit our yard to pick up your order, free of charge.

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