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Klover Smart 120 22.5kw

The Klover Smart 120 was installed in March 2014 to replace our oil guzzling Rayburn. We were very attached to the Rayburn due to the constant hot water and the ability to cook and heat all our radiators - so the Klover 120 had a lot to live up to. We chose it because it was a direct replacement, it could be fitted to the existing vented hot water system with no need to change the plumbing, it was capable of heating all our radiators because it had a similar heat output as the Rayburn and the exhaust gases are utilised to heat the hot plate and oven.

A hopper on the left of the appliance holds about 3 bags of pellets and is fed into the burner automatically. Thanks to Argyll Wood fuels getting pellets delivered to your door at a reasonable price and by a smiling local face is not a problem at all.

There are 7 heat settings to choose from. In the summer we have had it on the lowest setting for 4 hours a day and that has been enough to supply all our hot water and some cooking as well. At this rate we use approximately half a bag of pellets per day. The highest setting will heat the hot water very quickly and then our system is zoned so that the excess heat goes to the central heating when the hot water temperature reaches 65°C. We estimate that in the winter time we may use about 3 or 4 bags of pellets per day, maybe even 5 on a very cold day, but we will have a warm house, which we didn't really have with the Rayburn as we couldn't afford to keep it on long enough!

The hotplate is much bigger than the Rayburn, with enough room for 6 large pans at once. It is capable of boiling a kettle in about 30 minutes from turning the cold stove on. The oven gets up to about 200°C and can cook a fine Sunday roast. The Klover is not designed to heat food or cook on, it is literally the exhaust gases which are used to heat the plate and oven indirectly and there are no cooking controls for this reason. It is a boiler which you just happen to be able to cook on, this makes cooking on it a bit more interesting as excess heat must be lost to the hot water or central heating system otherwise the water temperature will rise and the stove will automatically turn itself off. During the winter, this will not be a problem, but you don't necessarily want your radiators on in mid summer just to cook a chicken. For this reason and also for the fact that the oven is not actually that large (not big enough for a turkey but fine for most things) we would recommend having a back up secondary oven available.

We empty the ashes every day, in three months this has resulted in just 1 large bucket of ashes. Once per week we vacuum the boiler housing and flue chambers to remove any excess ash. We have encountered no issues with the operation of the appliance. It is fully automated and programmable so it comes on and off as you require.

We had it installed very professionally by the MCS accredited Greenflame installations and Thomas Kocinski of The Great Little Stove Company was excellent and actually carried out the installation  to a very high standard, we cannot thank The Great Little Stove Company enough for the job they did.

On commissioning of the boiler is was calculated to be running at 93% efficiency. We are very happy with Klover 120, it fits very well in our kitchen and does exactly what was required from a replacement for our Rayburn. The only issue is that it currently does not qualify for the domestic Renewable Heat Initiative payments because they believe it is designed to generate heat to cook food on. This is being disputed and it is hoped that it will come into the RHI scheme in due course.

R&LR, Seil, Argyll

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We order pellets several times a year and the service is always prompt and curteous,it’s nice being able to buy pellets locally with such a short delivery time and reasonable pricing

LW, Oban

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