Wood Pellet Stoves

Palazzetti Freddy Idro 13.2kw

In Autumn 2009, we installed a Palazzetti pellet stove with fitted boiler to heat our house (approx. 240 sq.m.). This replaced the existing electric boiler and small multi-fuel stove. All ground floor rooms are heated by underfloor pipework, together with the two first floor bathrooms. The first floor bedrooms share the ground floor heat through a central stairwell. The stove has coped well through the winters since installation - and the view of the fire through the large glass window is warming in itself.

Installation was straightforward, replacing the multi-fuel stove in the sitting room, and connecting to the existing flue and pipework. The stove is large but we like it! When we had the stove fitted, wood pellets were not as widely available as now - our first few pallets coming from Liverpool. We had our fingers firmly crossed that supply would improve - needless to say we were delighted to learn that Hodge Fencing were able to provide a friendly and efficient supply of pellets soon after commissioning of our stove - our gamble paid off!

The stove is controlled by an internal programmer, with simple manual over-ride, which controls automatic ignition and switching off, according to which of six (fully changeable) programmes is selected. The internal hopper holds 35kg of wood pellets which are fed to the burn pot as required. We use around four tons of pellets each year. Heat output is selected through the internal programmer on a 1-6 scale and is simply changed at need as the seasons change. When nearing the point at which the 300 litre thermal store in the airing cupboard upstairs is up to temperature and UFH needs are reducing, the stove automatically modulates down to a ‘tickover’ point until heat is required or it is programmed to turn off.

The stove does produce some ash, but not much. We check the ash pan each week and empty it (into the compost bin) when necessary - obviously, this will be more often in the depths of winter, less often in spring and autumn. We vacuum out the burn pot every two or three days (using a special ash vacuum - not a household machine - ordinary machines will soon be clogged by the extremely fine dust) The glass in the window stays remarkably clean - any smoke traces remove easily with a little wood ash on a damp cloth. Cleaning must be done when the stove has cooled down for obvious reasons.

We service the stove annually - really just an intensive clean, including some internal parts like the exhaust air fan and an ash collector behind the ash pan chamber. We also sweep the flue annually, although there is very little soot to remove, mainly fine ash carried into the lower parts of the flue.

During occasional power cuts, we use a petrol generator to power essential household electricals - no problems with the stove - current requirements when running are very low. Pellet stoves are not cheap to buy, but certainly worth the cost in our experience.

RM, Lochgilphead, Argyll

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We order pellets several times a year and the service is always prompt and curteous,it’s nice being able to buy pellets locally with such a short delivery time and reasonable pricing

LW, Oban

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