Please ring or email us for pallet price including delivery. These briquettes are ideal for small stoves, they do exactly what you want, providing rapid, reliable heat. They come in plastic wrapped, stackable packages and there is no trail of sawdust leaking from one corner. We can unload them directly into your store providing the store is reasonably accessible by our delivery vehicle, please contact us for further details.

Briquettes are ideal for stoves, solid fuel boilers, barbeques, firepits and open fires. They are a rapid source of heat if you come in cold at night. They are easy to light and burn like wood but glow like coal. Briquettes can be used lone or with other fuels, they are ideal for burning with semi-seasoned wood. Briquettes will burn as hot as kiln dried firewood and can be used like kiln dried firewood in stoves.

Pnin kay - Hotties type

  price quantity
Single pack of 12 Briquettes £4.80
Pallet Hotties (96 packs of 12) £457.14

Round Compressed Eco Logs

These long lasting wood briquettes are suitable for use in fireplaces, log and multifuel stoves, log burners, firepits and log boilers. They have a great natural look in open log fires and are very versatile. Made from 100% clean compressed sawdust with no additives.

  price quantity
Full Pallet 96 x 10kg packs Eco Logs £380.00
10kg pack Round Eco Logs £4.28

We have sourced good value, reliable briquettes and we bring them to you at a great price. Briquettes are easier to use than firewood because of their regularised low moisture content and their efficient burn. Briquettes are produced in the UK using waste wood from sawmills, the wood chip is compressed and the natural lignin in the wood acts as a glue and binds the briquette. There is nothing in a briquette apart from wood, they do not contain additives.

Briquttes can be broken into smaller pieces and they don’t trail sawdust through the house. They don’t require seasoning or drying and they generate very little ash. If you burn briquettes alone or with wood the ash can be used as a fertiliser. Briquettes are easy to handle and come in plastic wrapped, stackable packs, they should be stored in a dry place. We can deliver them to you, if your woodshed is close to where we can park our trailer or delivery vehicle we will unload them straight into the shed for you. All you have to do is put them on the fire and light them.

I have been very pleased with the briquettes Argyll Woodfuels delivered to me. We burn them with logs and the extra heat they generate is great, it boosts the temperature of the house and they're wonderful if you come in cold at night. Argyll Woodfuels delivered the quantity we needed in plastic wrapped packages which stacked easily and took up very little space.

CF, Seil

delivery information

We will quote you for delivery of materials you buy from us because each order is considerably different.

We will deliver to Lochgilphead, Campbeltown, Inveraray, Strachur, Dalmally, Tyndrum, Taynuilt, Connel, Benderloch, Appin, Duror and in Oban. We will also deliver to all the island carriers. Please tell us if you would like your order delivered and whether you need it unloaded by hand into storage. If you can tell us how accessible your storage is then we will be able to deliver with the right vehicle and people. If you would prefer to do this by telephone please ring 01631 563271 during business hours.

You are more than welcome to visit our yard to pick up your order, free of charge.

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